#4324 Change product string in pungi for better syslinux usability
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Right now when you boot Fedora live media or otherwise call up Syslinux, you are greeted with:

"Welcome to Fedora-14-x86_64-Live-Desktop!"

It's not the most welcoming message though because the string is a bit unwieldy and hard-to-read. Syslinux pulls from the PRODUCT string produced via pungi:

scripts/mk-images.x86: sed -i "s/@PRODUCT@/$PRODUCT/g" $MBD_BOOTTREE/syslinux.cfg

I was hoping that string produced by pungi could be cleaned up a bit to be more friendly. Some examples I think that would be better:

Fedora 14 (32-bit)
Fedora 14 (64-bit)

Fedora 14 (32-bit DVD)
Fedora 14 (64-bit DVD)

Fedora 14: KDE Plasma (32-bit)
Fedora 14: KDE Plasma (64-bit)

Fedora 14: LXDE (32-bit)
Fedora 14: LXDE (64-bit)

Fedora 14: Xfce (32-bit)
Fedora 14: Xfce (64-bit)

Fedora 14: Electronic Lab (32-bit)
Fedora 14: Electronic Lab (64-bit)

Fedora 14: Design Suite (32-bit)
Fedora 14: Design Suite (64-bit)

Fedora 14: Sugar on a Stick (32-bit)
Fedora 14: Sugar on a Stick (64-bit)

Fedora 14: Games Spin (32-bit)
Fedora 14: Games Spin (64-bit)

Fedora 14: Security Lab (32-bit)
Fedora 14: Security Lab (64-bit)

So the rules I'm suggesting for the strings:
- The default desktop is called simply "Fedora $VERSION ($ARCH)"
- Any non-default spins are called "Fedora $VERSION: $NAME_OF_SPIN ($ARCH)"
- The spin name is derived from either the http://fedoraproject.org/en/get-fedora-options#desktops get.fpo options page or the spins.fedoraproject.org full name for the spin. (KDE is probably updating theirs to KDE Plasma as reflected in example strings above.)
- Put the arch in () after the name of the spin. Where arch is '32-bit', '64-bit', 'Power PC', etc. The arch names here are suggested to be consistent with what the downloads are labeled on our main web pages (get.fpo and spins.fpo)
- If it's live media, don't indicate that, don't point it out. Only indicate if it's a DVD.
If it's DVD, point it out after the arch in the ( )
- $VERSION should be a whole number without decimals for a final release. For test releases / release candidates it would be nice to indicate something like, '14.92 RC1' '14.91 Nightly 06 Jan 2011' but that's up to your discretion!

This is where the text will appear in syslinux:

What do you think?

Er... there's two strings per line, trac didn't accept all my newlines I guess :( sorry for that

Couple things. pungi isn't used to produce live images, nor does pungi have scirpts/mk-images.x86. Livecd-tools is used for live images, and mk-images.x86 comes from anaconda.

I don't really care about the change of text, so long as it's easy to do and programatic. I'd prefer if the strings were fetched out of a kickstart file entry rather than provided manually.

Jesse, this is the same string passed into buildinstall --product $PRODUCT .

closing as the scripts referenced were part of the tools we use. If there is still a issue please report a bug against the correct component in bugzilla.

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