#4295 Chain build of poppler 0.15.3 and its dependants
Closed: Invalid None Opened 9 years ago by mkasik.


I would like to ask you to build new poppler (0.15.3-1) with its dependants for Fedora 15. Poppler 0.15.3 changes soname of lipoppler.so.9 to libpoppler.so.11. Packages which depend on libpoppler.so.* are (according to repoquery):

OpenSceneGraph-libs, calibre, epdfview, evince-libs, gambas2-gb-pdf, gdcm, gimp, gloobus-preview, gnome-commander, inkscape, inkscape-view, koffice-karbon, libextractor-plugins-pdf, libreoffice-pdfimport, pdf2djvu, pdf2svg, pypoppler, referencer, ruby-poppler, texlive, texlive-xetex, texmaker, tracker, vifir, xournal, zathura



this is something that a maintainer does on their own. its not a service rel-eng provides

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