#4255 Please unblock jorbis from rawhide (and f14?) inclusion
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I'm re-introducing a orphaned and then retired package. It was orphaned due to lack of
maintainer interest / time, but now it is coming back with a new maintainer :)

It has been to a review as if it was a new package (which is the proper procedure for this afaik):

I've imported the new version into git and build it for rawhide and f14. AFAIK it was blocked from rawhide inclusion when it was retired and now it needs to be unblocked hence this rel-eng request.

Also I wonder if anything special needs to be done for f14 (the last version with had jorbis was f13) or if I can just go ahead and create an update for the new build in bodhi?

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Correction where I said: "and build it for rawhide and f14" in my initial report it looks I should have written attempted to build it. As it won't build due to being blocked. This also answers my question wrt if anything is needed for F-14, yes it is :)

So please unblock jorbis from dist-f15, dist-f14-updates-candidate and other relevant tags.



unblocked. An f12 build is now "latest" in rawhide.

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