#4253 dist-override tag request: llvm-2.8-3.fc14 and llvm-2.8-3.fc13
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by salimma.

This updates LLVM to the 2.8 release; Jonathan Mercier (bioinformatics) needs it to rebuild ldc. I've tested the other packages that depend on LLVM and they all compile, or have non-API-breaking updates that compile fine against 2.8.

Upstream project never make point-releases so this probably would save us from having to back-port every 2.7 bug from 2.8 as they are encountered too.

And also llvm-2.8-3.fc13 for the same reason, thanks!

oh, fyi,
2595257 tagBuild (noarch): free -> FAILED: TagError: build llvm-2.8-3.fc13 not complete: state BUILDING

Yup, sorry, jumped the gun a bit -- the F13 build is done now, though -- please tag it too.

see this landed in updates, untagging.

Metadata Update from @salimma:
- Issue assigned to rdieter

4 years ago

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