#4252 f14 dist override tag for m17n-db-1.6.2-1.fc14
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by pnemade.

I need to build other deps for m17n-db. Please create f14 override tag for m17n-db-1.6.2-1.fc14

tagged. please let us know when the builds needing this are done.

This is blocking my llvm+pure+OpenGTL update (pure has an Emacs mode and Emacs depends on m17n-lib); Cc:ing so I get notified when the override is removed

I have updated m17n-lib and m17n-contrib. I hope new set of m17n packages will get updated easily without any broken deps.

Please remove m17n-db-1.6.2-1.fc14 from dist-f14-override tag.

Metadata Update from @pnemade:
- Issue assigned to rdieter

4 years ago

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