#3996 1 Package missing from mirrors
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ailurus-10.07.8-2.fc13 was announced 8/10/2010, but as of 8/23 is not present.

It's on the master mirror now.

I don't see it on other mirrors, though.

According to
was pushed stable, except,

$ koji list-tag-history --package=ailurus --build=ailurus-10.07.8-2.fc13
Sat Jul 31 06:53:58 2010: Tagged ailurus-10.07.8-2.fc13 with dist-f13-updates-candidate
Mon Aug 2 16:36:45 2010: Untagged ailurus-10.07.8-2.fc13 from dist-f13-updates-candidate
Mon Aug 2 16:36:45 2010: Tagged ailurus-10.07.8-2.fc13 with dist-f13-updates-testing
Sun Aug 8 03:00:56 2010: Untagged ailurus-10.07.8-2.fc13 from dist-f13-updates-testing

and now it's not tagged at all,

I'll manually tag it, should get sorted out in the next updates push. (right?)

Yes, if you manually tag it it'll go out later today.

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