#3987 Chain build of poppler and its dependants
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I would like to ask you to build new poppler (0.14.2-1) with its dependants for Fedora 14 and Fedora 15. Poppler changes soname of lipoppler.so.6 to libpoppler.so.7.
Packages which depend on libpoppler.so.6 are (according to repoquery):

OpenSceneGraph, calibre, epdfview, evince, gambas2, gimp, gloobus-preview, gnome-commander, inkscape, koffice-karbon, libextractor, openoffice.org, pdf2djvu, pdf2svg, pypoppler, referencer, ruby-gnome2, texlive, tracker, vifir, xournal



I can help make this happen.

koji tag-pkg dist-f14-override poppler-0.14.2-1.fc14

now, to wait a bit, and get started on the rebuilds.

Looks like removal of the popper objstream patch is leading to a texlive build failure,

pdftosrc.cc:149:17: error: 'ObjectStream' was not declared in this scope
pdftosrc.cc:149:31: error: 'objStr' was not declared in this scope
pdftosrc.cc:149:46: error: 'class XRef' has no member named 'getObjStr'

Hi Rex, first of all, thank you for taking care about this.

I was assured by texlive's maintainer that it is ok. I will discuss it with him tomorrow.


ok, find the initial (not queue'd yet), rough draft bodhi update: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/poppler (the big, obvious one)

I've left openoffice.org out, since the build is still going and the latest in git hadn't been queue'd for updates yet (a build a few releases old is the lastest in dist-f14 right now). openoffice-owner cc'd.

oops, cc'ing the right ooo address this time. Please give feedback on the previous comment on whether you'd prefer we batch the currently building openoffice.org-3.3.0-4.3.fc14.1 with the aforementioned poppler update, or if you'd rather do something else.

(cc'ing poppler-owner too for good measure).

queue'ing what we have for updates-testing, now that we have texlive done.

texlive is now rebuilt against new poppler in f14/f15.

I see openoffice.org-3.3.0-4.4.fc14 and openoffice.org-3.3.0-5.1.fc14 builds (against the new poppler) complete and available now. Would you rather bundle one of these with the poppler update or issue something separately?

Alrighty, these have been in updates-testing for a few days now, I'll plan on queue'ing it all for stable later today (pending any shouts or objections).

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