#3985 koji untag-pkg dist-f14 gcc-4.5.0-4.fc14.1
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by jakub.

Last night apparently bohdi tagged into dist-f14 not just the right gcc errata (gcc-4.5.1-1.fc14 together with libtool-2.2.10-3.fc14), but also gcc-4.5.0-4.fc14.1 from someone else's errata and
the latter, while older, was tagged later and so koji latest-pkg dist-f14 shows the latter.
Please untag it, so that the right gcc can be used (btw, that new libtool requires gcc 4.5.1, so
several builds in koji will be broken right now).

Metadata Update from @jakub:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 14 Alpha

4 years ago

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