#3956 Unblock perl-Email-Date-Format from dist-6E-epel
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by pghmcfc.

perl-Email-Date-Format-1.002-5.el6 was included in RHEL-6 Beta 2 but has been dropped in the Beta 2 Refresh (the package is in the repo directory still but the new repodata doesn't include it).

I have resurrected the package in the el6 git branch (cloning the package that was in Beta 2 in case it reappears in RHEL-6 in the future) but cannot build it as it's currently blocked from when it was included in Beta 2.

The package is needed to satisfy dependencies of packages built in EPEL-6 prior to the Beta 2 Refresh. Hence I would like this package unblocked from dist-6E-epel.

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