#3906 openoffice.org-opensymbol-fonts-3.1.1-19.22.el6.noarch.rpm not in dist-6E-epel buildroot
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Trying a scratch build that requires "font(opensymbol)" fails:

DEBUG util.py:255: No Package Found for font(opensymbol)

Downloading ftp://ftp.redhat.com/redhat/rhel/beta/6/i386/os/Packages/openoffice.org-opensymbol-fonts-3.1.1-19.22.el6.noarch.rpm and querying it for provides says:

$ rpm -q --provides -p openoffice.org-opensymbol-fonts-3.1.1-19.22.el6.noarch.rpm
warning: openoffice.org-opensymbol-fonts-3.1.1-19.22.el6.noarch.rpm: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 signature: NOKEY, key ID f21541eb
openoffice.org-opensymbol-fonts = 1:3.1.1-19.22.el6

So the build requirement would be satisfiable if this rpm was in the buildroot.

When the beta2 refresh happened they removed packages from the repository metadata but left the old packages there as well. It looks like openoffice.org-opensymbol-fonts was one of these packages.

To find out what's actually available

repoquery --disablerepo= --archlist=x86_64 --repofrompath=rhel-optional,$RHELBASE/optional/x86_64/os --repofrompath=rhel,$RHELBASE/x86_64/os --enablerepo=rhel-optional --enablerepo=rhel --qf='%{name} %{name}-%{version}-%{release}' 'openoffice'

I think we'll need to discuss this one at the next EPEL meeting as it's normally a part of the main openoffice.org build (Or lobby RH for it's return..) At this point I'd suggest opening a bug in bugzilla. Against RHEL-6 openoffice.org

Scratch that, it should be there...

I don't see this package in the beta2 refresh repo data.

So, perhaps it did get removed in the beta2 refresh openoffice update?

It is a noarch package. It shows up in the list if I change --archlist=x86_64 to --archlist=x86_64,noarch in the command above.

Well, it's not in the beta2 refresh repodata that I can see.

It's in beta2, but not the refresh.

I'm not sure whats going on here. Perhaps file a rhel6b bug against openoffice and ask them to check and see if they can see whats happening?

What is "the refresh"? Please don't use internal jargon in reply to public tickets.
Is it the repo in the 5.90Server path? If that is the case it is there, but with a newer version. It is still missing from the koji build root.

$ ( RHELBASE="http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/ftp.redhat.com/pub/redhat/rhel/beta/6" ; repoquery --disablerepo=* --repofrompath=rhel6-optional,$RHELBASE/optional/x86_64/os --repofrompath=rhel6,$RHELBASE/x86_64/os --enablerepo=rhel6 --enablerepo=rhel6-optional --whatprovides 'font(opensymbol)' )

$ ( RHELBASE="http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/ftp.redhat.com/pub/redhat/rhel/beta/5.90Server/" ; repoquery --disablerepo=* --repofrompath=rhel-optional,$RHELBASE/optional/x86_64/os --repofrompath=rhel,$RHELBASE/x86_64/os --enablerepo=rhel --enablerepo=rhel-optional --whatprovides 'font(opensymbol)' )

"refresh" isn't any kind of internal jargon... internal to what? ;)

I am just using terms used on the rhel6 beta list, for example:


It is the repo in that path. It's not in the repodata that I can see tho.
Ie, my rhel6b2 machine cannot install it or see it.

It looks like a bug in the repodata not showing this package as far as I can see...

Replying to [comment:7 kevin]:

It looks like a bug in the repodata not showing this package as far as I can see...

The only symptom I can see is that the package is not available in the EPEL build root in koji. Reporting a missing package in the EPEL build root as a bug to RHEL would probably only result in them closing it as "not our bug". So if you have any clue what is wrong on the RHEL side that causes this bug, could you please file a bug report. I have insufficient knowledge to write a proper bug report for RHEL.

ok, finally mirror issues are fixed up and I was able to enable every repo I could find and look at this.

It is still in rhel6b2refreshtodaywhatever:

openoffice.org-opensymbol-fonts.noarch 1:3.2.1-19.3.el6 rhel-beta-workstation

However, it's only in workstation. :(

So, really what I think we need to do here is add workstation and other repos to our build root. I am going to open a discussion on that on the epel-devel list.

Can you try now with RHEL6 final? That package should be in server-optional now, so it should build/work. ;)

This should be working. If it's not, please re-open or file a new ticket.

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