#3740 fix critpath generation to be per branch and properly import into pkgdb
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As I understand it, critical path generation should work like this:

Lists are generated at rawhide, branched, or updates compose time
These lists are synced into pkgdb for that branch
* bodhi then reads these from pkgdb

Where are we currently? For the first item, we only generate critpath during rawhide/branched compose.

PackageDB is ready to go -- it has an API for setting critpath:


and retrieving critpath:


in the current server and python-fedora. Note that these are operating on SRPM level package names.

lmacken's working on the buildrelease code to sync into the pkgdb.

I've discovered that we are currently limiting setting of critpath to "has a fas account" so we'll want to change that before we start pulling from pkgdb into bodhi. what should it be? provenpackager? cvsadmin?

Well, it would be running from an automated process. So, do we want to make a special account for it?

lmacken has the script that updates pkgdb ready.

I have added the critpathbot user -- password is in the infrastructure private repo. critpath

pkgdb hotfixes have been applied so that cvsadmin and critpathadmin groups can change critpath settings and no one else. Ready to deploy!

Cool. Given the immature status of other 'new updates handling' items (such as AutoQA) we'll have to hold on actual deployment for now.

Replying to [comment:5 notting]:

Cool. Given the immature status of other 'new updates handling' items (such as AutoQA) we'll have to hold on actual deployment for now.

Why? Critpath generation and updating just the first step to AutoQA, but it's useful by itself as well. FESCo just voted to keep critpath enabled for F13 stable, so having an accurate set of critpath packages seems like a fairly good idea.

As part of the new updates acceptance criteria, the critical path is expanded to cover multiple desktops and extra apps. It's probably a bit drastic of a change to push that for F-13 when we don't have AutoQA to 'assist' in the process.

Couple options:

1) Move the current critpath list into pkgdb. Then the bodhi update can be deployed and all we'll need to change for full generation for F14 will be to enable the mash-related scripts.

2) IIUC, the critpath lists are controlled by comps. We have separate comps files for each release. Simply reverting the F13 comps group for critpath to not cover the expanded set should do the job.

Gah, I misspoke. I only made the comps changes for F-14, so we could enable part of this.

Circling back - is anything left to be done here?

I think we need to adjust the critpath generation script at compose time to start sending results to pkgdb, at least for rawhide/branched. Is bodhi already done?

Supposedly code for everything from the pkgdb onwards is done. Bodhi is currently getting the critpath list from a config file instead of using the code that pulls from the pkgdb but that's supposed to be just flipping a switch. -Toshio speaking since lmacken is on vacation.

There is two parts to bodhi as well. It needs to determine the critpath set when it composes the updates repo (unless we pick a critpath at GA and never change it...)

Bodhi is now pulling critpath data from the pkgdb. I believe this ticket can finally be closed...

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