#3507 Secondary arch only packages need to be unblocked in primary arch koji
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by ausil.

Blocking secondary arch only packages causes two issues

1) they do not get branched at mass branch time
2) they get blocked in secondary arches when they sync blocked packages

I recommend that we unblock them on the primary arches.

Do you have a list of things which need to be unblocked?

IIRC only s390utils is blocked for the s390 arch in the primary koji, but don't know about other arches. If someone could run a grep for ExclusiveArch: s390|sparc|arm|ppc on the spec files in master branch, we could review list and compare it with the actual state. Don't know if running the grep on the git server would make it easier as the spec files don't exist there in readable form (at least I think so).

Ok, I took the list of things that were in Make and now in fedpkg, plus s390utils and made sure they were all unblocked. s390utils was the only thing I found to be blocked.

Somebody should add info to the secondary arch pages that when a new package is added and is exclusively on a secondary arch, the hardlist of such packages needs to be updated in fedpkg.

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