#3164 buildroot override for Parrot
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I need a buildroot override of parrot for Fedora 12 in order to build the new version of rakudo.
I want to build rakudo-0.0.2009.11_1.8.0-1.fc12, like it is already in Fedora 13. For building the rakudo version the packages:
- parrot-1.8.0,
- parrot-devel-1.8.0
- parrot-tools-1.8.0
are required.
They are in the build: dist-f12-updates-candidate, /cvs/pkgs:rpms/parrot/F-12:parrot-1_8_0-1_fc12

I tried:
$ koji tag-pkg --force dist-f12-override parrot-1.8.0-1.fc12
ActionNotAllowed: tag is locked

But it do not work.

right, rel-eng needs to do it. tagged

Let us know when the builds are done

The rakudo build is done. The parrot- and rakudo-packages are now submitted as update in bodhi.

Thanks, Gerd

Metadata Update from @gerd:
- Issue assigned to rdieter

4 years ago

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