#2982 EPEL-5 builds against kvm fail with "No package found for kvm"
Closed: Fixed None Opened 14 years ago by rjones.

An example is here:


The error is:

DEBUG util.py:256: No Package Found for xen-devel

See also this thread:


Moving this to the epel component...

Wow. This is ancient. :(

Sorry for letting it slip through the cracks.

Does it still occur? Can you provide a current build that shows it?

xen-devel still fails, more importantly, so does kvm:


Are we missing the 'VT' subdirectory again?

working on a patch for koji, the issue here is that the way rhel ships breaks some assumptions koji makes. i.e all subpackages are expected to be in a single repo. rhel doesn't ship things this way.

we should have a fix ready mondya or tuesday next week

Metadata Update from @rjones:
- Issue assigned to ausil

7 years ago

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