#2509 Please block blobAndConquer from F-12 inclusion
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by jwrdegoede.


blobAndConquer (a game, nothing depends on it) turns out to contain a number of non free textures. Nothing which cannot be fixed in the long run, but in the mean time this makes it unsuitable for
Fedora, so please block it from F-12 (and rawhide) inclusion.

I'll file another ticket when the non free ness is fixed.



Just a note about this for similar cases in the future. Please check to see if any spins are using the affected package. blobAndConquer is on the games spin. I'll be fixing that shortly.
P.S. I should have caught this sooner as I saw a message about this on some list I am subscribed to, but it didn't click that it was going to not be available to the Games Spin when I first saw it.

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