#2366 Please tag parted-1.9.0-17.fc12 for Fedora 12 inclusion
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I've just build parted-1.9.0-16.fc12, which includes 3 small but important bug fixes:

1) Correctly handle GPT labels on big endian machines
2) ped_partition_is_busy() should not throw exceptions (#527035)
This one is really nasty, it does not cause problems when we call ped_partition_is_busy()
but the problems caused by this (the setting of an exception flag) happens much later when
we actually check this flag for the first time. Leading to very weird and hard to debug
backtraces (see comment 10 in the bug). I would really like to see this included in the
beta, so that we don't get such funky backtrace reports from all the beta testers.
3) msdos_partition_is_flag_available() should return 1 for swap flag (#513729)
The fix for this is needed to fix various ppc install issues, or so I've been told.



I'd like to get this in to. I'm +1, but I need to do a compose with it and an install with it.

QA is able to reliably hit bug#513729. I can provide test feedback on this issue, so please advise when a compose (or test image) is available.

Make that:
Please tag parted-1.9.0-17.fc12 for Fedora 12 inclusion

(Instead of -16), -16 had a small bug where re-using an existing swap partition for something else
the type would stay 82, instead of becoming the new type:

  • Thu Oct 8 2009 Hans de Goede hdegoede@redhat.com 1.9.0-17
  • Only change the partition type to 82 when setting the swap flag on dos
    labels, not when resetting it

<Oxf13> notting: I did an install from a compose of those, seemed to work fine

Given that, +1 and tagging.

Metadata Update from @jwrdegoede:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 12 Beta

5 years ago

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