#2354 please tag libvirt-0.7.1-10.fc12 into dist-f12

Created 8 years ago by markmc
Modified 11 months ago

Fixes libvirtd's logrotate config to not be too aggressive; it's hurting our ability to debug stuff : https://bugzilla.redhat.com/526769

Other notable change is that if fixes libvirt-python's dependency on the libvirt pkg; it should depend on libvirt-client

Tested by me, hence the follow up fix

  • Tue Oct 6 2009 Mark McLoughlin markmc@redhat.com - 0.7.1-10
  • Create /var/log/libvirt/{lxc,uml} dirs for logrotate
  • Make libvirt-python dependon on libvirt-client
  • Sync misc minor changes from upstream spec

  • Tue Oct 6 2009 Mark McLoughlin markmc@redhat.com - 0.7.1-9

  • Change logrotate config to weekly #526769)
11 months ago

Metadata Update from @markmc:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 12 Final

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