#2238 Please include system-config-date-1.9.51-1.fc12 in F12 beta
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Hi there,

please tag system-config-date-1.9.51-1.fc12 for f12-beta.

It includes an important bug fix for translating time zones and sorting untranslated timezones into translated hierarchies (see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=524823).

Since the system-config-date time zone widget is used in anaconda, this needs to be fixed on shipped media/ISOs to be effective there.

If this isn't included, the installer will show untranslated time zones when displaying the time zone widget.

I've tested the fixed widget itself and system-config-date and found no bad behavior.

+1, it's a critical path item and I'm not near my test equipment so would like to get some set of eyes on it.

Replying to [ticket:2238 nphilipp]:

please tag system-config-date-1.9.51-1.fc12 for f12-beta.

Please make that system-config-date-1.9.52-1.fc12, this version includes fixed Malayalam translations over the above, which fixes:


The code is the same as in 1.9.51 and I reviewed the translation change (well, I don't speak Malayalam but it only changes that language file and the change seems to be what is described in the bug ;-).

Metadata Update from @nphilipp:
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4 years ago

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