#2233 Tag vecmath into buildroots
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by jussilehtola.


I need 'vecmath' tagged in the EL-5, F-10, F-11 (and F-12?) buildroots.

I see no 'vecmath' package for any release other than F-12.

The packages for F-10 and F-11 have been in updates-testing for a few days now, the one for EL-5 was pushed in last night.

koji latest-pkg dist-f11-updates-candidate vecmath

shows nothing.

Hm, updates-candidate doesn't inherit from updates-testing. Weird.

f10/11/12 tagged. Assigning to epel.

tagged for el5. Please let us know when you no longer need the override.

OK, I think you can remove the tags. I wasn't able to build in EL-5 due to other missing BR:s, I'll have to chase them in the future. Thanks.

ok, just let us know if you need anything further.

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