#2031 Please unblock biniax for F-12, its orphaning was a mistake
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by jwrdegoede.


Jesse Keating recently send out a mail with a list of packages which
would be removed from Fedora because they are orphaned. One of them
is biniax. Since I would like to not see that removed, I went to
pkgdb to look at the ownership.

And it turns out biniax is owned for all branches except for devel. I
contacted the maintainer of the other biniax branches (in the CC)
asking him if this was intentional. It was not, this was a mistake,
he says he can not correct this as pkgdb will not let him take owner
ship ??

So 2 questions:
1) Can you please unblock biniax for F-12 ?
2) Can you help / look at cassmodiah becoming the owner in pkgdb for devel too?

Thanks & Regards,


The package has been unblocked in koji and unretired in pkgdb. All cassmodiah should have to do now is take ownership in pkgdb for the devel branch.

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