#2025 Too hard to build dependent packages in stable
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by hadess.

It's too complicated, human-dependent, and time-consuming to build interdependent package updates in stable releases.

Two cases:

  • gstreamer and gstreamer-plugins-base are released at the same time, and so are pre-releases of those. They soft-depend on each other (gstreamer can be updated on its own). It's currently not possible for me to offer both pre-releases of gstreamer and gsteamer-plugins-base without either:
  1. asking for a package to be tagged into the build roots
  2. pushing gstreamer into stable (takes a few days at best), and push the gstreamer-plugins-base package separately

Yes, we know that this is difficult to manage, but it is also difficult to prevent update problems if we were to just have the buildroot feed from all candidate builds. We could easily get into a situation where say A is built against B, A gets pushed out, B never does. It's not an easy problem to handle.

I think the direction we're going in is making it easier to do a tag request (make tag-request) and making it easier to make sure your dependant builds get done correctly by making use of koji wait-repo so that you're sure you are building against the version of the package you want to be.

We now have self service buildroot overrides, so hopefully this is more tolderable now.

Feel free to reopen if you have further things we could do.

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