#1943 Setup releng1.stg with proper configs/packages
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by jwboyer.

We need to setup releng1.stg with our 'custom' package set in order for it to be usable.

What custom packages do we have, so that we can (theoretically) puppetize it, or at a minimum, document them?

mash, createrepo, yum.

Seth has already made a releng repo for most of these:


It also includes the rpm version from the builder repo, which releng2 uses.

bodhi might also be needed here, but I think that is in the infrastructure repo already.

I started poking around at getting the releng repo added to releng1.stg today and Mike McGrath wound up refactoring a bunch of stuff to make it easier. End result is that the repo is live on releng1.stg now. W00t.

We also had some issues with the package set due to rhel releasing an update to net-snmp. Seth fixed that up, and releng1.stg now has updated yum, createrepo, deltarpm, and rpm RPMs that match releng2.

We still need mash in the repo. HINT NOTTING

Where should I build it? Just a generic RHEL 5 build?

The packages all seem to be present now. At least the ones I can think of

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