#1939 New wine subpackages which need to be copied to x86_64
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There will be two more subpackages for wine which need to be copied to the x86_64 repo (see


Please adjust the scripts accordingly. Thanks!

If they do not exist on x86_64, and are dependencies of the x86 packages ,nothing needs done.

What do you mean by dependencies of the x86 packages?

Wine is ExclusiveArch: %{ix86} and copied to the x86_64 as an exception. wine-alsa and wine-oss only Require wine-core (and not the wine meta package). I am not sure on the rules used to copy the build %{ix86} packages to the x86_64 repo and I remember that scripts needed to be adjusted when I added the wine-pulseaudio package a while back before it was added as a dependency in the wine meta package.

If something in the package set requires wine-alsa/wine-oss, then there's nothing that needs done. If nothing actually requires them, then there may be changes needed.

I must ask, why do you need separate subpackages for all of this?

Andreas, is this still an issue or is everything working now?

No I guess this can be closed

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