#1856 updates-testing updateinfo.xml for Fedora 11 broken
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by james.

updates-testing updateinfo.xml for Fedora 11 broken. Same problem as last time:

release>Fedora 11</release><issued date="None"/>

I wiped out the cached repodata that contains the empty <id/> tag. We're in the middle of a push of updates now, so this should be resolved shortly.

I updated bodhi's sanity_check_repodata script to check for this in the future: https://fedorahosted.org/bodhi/changeset/64380e07c073f4a6c4e72bb710d950ca5e2dc5d2

Hopefully this will help us track down how these updates are not getting assigned proper ID's.

Different problem, but there again in today's updateinfo.xml:

<update from="updates@fedoraproject.org" status="pending" type="bugfix" versio n="1.4">
<release>Fedora 11</release>
<issued date="None"/>

...after going through "xmllint --format".

We've had many pushes since this was reported, is this still a problem?

I verified that this is no longer a problem.

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