#1666 Please tag qemu-0.10-15.fc11

Created 8 years ago by markmc
Modified 9 months ago

Two changes since qemu-0.10-15.fc11:

1) Improved instructions on how to generate the tarball from which the RPM is build,
including the script used. (We're shipping a snapshot of the stable branch of qemu-kvm
until upstream cuts a release from it)

2) Change qemu-kvm from a Provides to a meta-package so that it works for comps; see the
discussion on fedora-devel-list

The latter is certainly important for F11 - without it, kvm isn't installed if you install the Virtualization group.

The former is also important because it greatly clarifies where the tarball came from.

9 months ago

Metadata Update from @markmc:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 11 Final

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