#1637 deltarpms not working since rawhide was signed
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s stated by Jonathan Dieter in the bug below, deltarpms are mucking
up rawhide updates right now because the drpms were created before the
packages were signed, and the signed versions don't match the deltarpm
reconstructed versions. For me at least, this is causing a problem
because I'm not using a mirrorlist right now (too many problems with
metalink mismatches). So when yum fails to accept the drpm-patched
package, the yum update just fails outright because there are no more
mirrors to get the full updated package from.

Is there anything that can be done on the infastructure side as
proposed below?


Comment #2 From Jonathan Dieter (jdieter@gmail.com) 2009-04-24 11:18:36 EDT (-) [reply] -------

This is not a deltarpm bug or a yum-presto bug, but rather an
Infrastructure bug. The deltarpm was created before the target rpm
was gpg signed. So it does indeed build to a valid rpm with exactly
the same data as the downloaded rpm, but without the signature.
Because it's not exactly the same file, yum refuses to use it and
redownloads the full (signed) rpm (which is what it should do).

The infrastructure should either delete and regenerate drpms after the
rpm signatures have changed or they should use the code fragment from
https://fedorahosted.org/koji/ticket/38#comment:3 to attach rpm
signatures to deltarpms.

Not sure how to reassign to Infrastructure.

Please test with tomorrow's rawhide.

Please test with tomorrow's rawhide.

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