#1628 Please tag PackageKit-0.4.6-8 into f11-final

Created 8 years ago by rhughes
Modified 9 months ago

This build fixes a trivial, an important, and a critical problem people have pointed out in the last week:

  • Fri Apr 24 2009 Richard Hughes rhughes@redhat.com - 0.4.6-8
  • Backport a patch from upstream to stop refresh-packagekit from running
    when the script is running under PackageKit. This fixes the bug where
    the update icon displays the wrong number of updates if all the updates
    are applied, and only affects the yum backend.
  • The full problem and solution is described in #492005

  • Thu Apr 23 2009 Richard Hughes rhughes@redhat.com - 0.4.6-7

  • Backport a patch from upstream to disallow SIGKILL when using the yum
    backend. This is recommended by Panu. Should fix #495087

  • Wed Apr 22 2009 Richard Hughes rhughes@redhat.com - 0.4.6-6

  • Send ::Package(finished) when we've finished downloading a file rather than
    relying for the daemon to clean up for us.
  • Fixes #496787

The first fixes a problem where the icon continues to show updates being available after doing a full update. This is described in gory detail in #492005 and probably should be F11target.

495087 should be a F11blocker, as it appears that when cancelling a "safe" transaction with SIGKILL when yum-presto is installed can corrupt the rpmdb.

The third is a trivial fix, that just corrects the icon in the update viewer when the transaction changes state.

All three updates have been tested individually, any by myself and pose very little risk of regressions. Impact of not tagging this (in particular the presto+rpmdb corruption bug) is bad, and would probably require additions to the release notes about not cancelling tasks if yum-presto is installed.


9 months ago

Metadata Update from @rhughes:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 11 Final

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