#159 kdegraphics-3.5.10-1.i386.fc8 landed in f8/x86_64 updates (shouldn't be there)
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by rdieter.

It just came to my attention that kdegraphics-3.5.9-2.i386.fc8 landed in
the f8/x86_64 updates repo and really shouldn't be there. Any ideas how
that happened?

kdegraphics.i386 wasn't in the release. I'll keep trying to figure out
if there's something wrong packaging-wise to pull that in. Thanks.

-- Rex

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Multilib is figured out each time we compose updates, so something in the F8 updates has a requires on something that this package provides. We'll have to do some indepth investigation into why it was brought in. I don't think the mash log has that amount of log info.

Confirmed still an issue with recent kdegraphics-3.5.10-1.fc8 update.

I'm not seeing it in the tree with 3.5.10-1. Asre you sure?

rechecked, I'm sure alright... that I was wrong.

Seems all well now, sorry.

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