#12182 Still on Bugzilla CC-list of package I no longer have a role in
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I removed myself as a co-maintainer from libheif a while ago and I'm not watching the package either. Effectively, I no longer have a role with regards to that package, yet I'm still in the CC-list for new bugs. E.g., last night the following CVE bug was filed and I'm in the CC:


Could someone with the powers remove me as default CC from libheif, please? Or let me know what other switches I need to toggle where to get this done.

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22 days ago

Hey @gui1ty

For now, I have removed CCed from the CVE filed, but need to check more on how to do that for new bugs, while I checked dist-git settings it looks good to me!

I did issue a reset watch status in dist-git just before filing the ticket. But it was reporting as unwatched before that as well. I'm mentioning it, just in case it might have (re-)triggered some action.

If nothing out of the ordianry shows up, we might just have to wait until the next bug is reported against libheif.

Yeah make sense, let's see!

We have the same issue in fedora infra https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/11966, it seems to be only happening for CVEs.

Thanks for the pointer. Reading through it, I'm wondering why Red Hat Security folks use staging for filing bug reports in production.

Feel free to close as duplicate. I've subscribed to the other issue as well.

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21 days ago

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