#12179 Unretire openjpeg
Closed: Invalid 23 days ago by smani. Opened 23 days ago by smani.

Name of the package?


FAS username of the new maintainer?


Branches that you need it to be unretired for?


Package re-review BZ URL?


Any extra information?

The current openjpeg2 will be renamed to openjpeg, and openjpeg2 retired.

openjpeg is not retire , openjepeg don't have any package that depend on it . for a long time

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23 days ago

as I wrote in https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2292733 we should move openjpeg2 to openjpeg , dropping openjpeg 1 and avoid confusions in packaging

Okay. so openjpeg is not retired correct!

openjpeg                f37                                      trawets        
openjpeg                f36-Beta                                 oliver         
openjpeg                f38                                      trawets        
openjpeg                f37-Beta                                 oliver         
openjpeg                f39                                      trawets        
openjpeg                f38-Beta                                 trawets        
openjpeg                f40                                      trawets        
openjpeg                f39-Beta                                 trawets        
openjpeg                f41                                      trawets        
openjpeg                f40-Beta                                 trawets     

The request seems to be invalid?

I'm sorry I got confused with mingw-openjpeg which I used to maintain at the time. Indeed the native openjpeg was never retired. Closing as invalid.

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23 days ago

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