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Hi Folks,

Since we have the F38 EOL scheduled tomorrow, I am opening this issue to track out the changes required, PR reviews, & etc.

For reference: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/infra/release_guide/release_eol/

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PR for reviews:

  1. fedora-metadata-upstream: This has already been done by @siosm;
  2. releng: https://pagure.io/releng/pull-request/12115
  3. fedora-ansible: https://pagure.io/fedora-infra/ansible/pull-request/2029

did a final push for f38: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/composes/. Once this goes in now, we will do the other stuff around 14 UTC!

These are the side targets that will be removed

f38                            f38-build                      f38-updates-candidate         
f38-build-side-89153           f38-build-side-89153           f38-build-side-89153          
f38-build-side-89649           f38-build-side-89649           f38-build-side-89649          
f38-candidate                  f38-build                      f38-updates-candidate         
f38-container-candidate        f38-container-build            f38-container-updates-candidate
f38-coreos-continuous          f38-build                      f38-coreos-continuous         
f38-flatpak-candidate          f38-build                      f38-flatpak-updates-candidate 
f38-gnome                      f38-gnome                      f38-gnome                     
f38-infra                      f38-infra-build                f38-infra-candidate           
f38-openjdk                    f38-openjdk                    f38-openjdk                   
f38-rebuild                    f38-build                      f38-rebuild   

So we discussed this in our releng call last night, and it was agreed that we will do the archive/removal stuff for F37 first followed by F38, this will be done as per the schedule next Tuesday.

Hi folks!

This is all done for F37, and F38, some things to note are

  • We need to update the full file list before doing the after 2 weeks process, how is it done?

On the machine, that has archive rw.
For example:

sudo -u ftpsync /usr/local/bin/update-fullfiletimelist -l /pub/fedora-secondary/update-fullfiletimelist.lock -t /pub archive

Once that is done wait for two hours so the file is updated in the mirrormanager will pick up the changes and add the directories to the database.
(Now we have to run it for both fedora & fedora-secondary for moving to archive this is done via the two scripts in the root directory)

sudo -u mirrormanager mm2_move-to-archive --originalCategory="Fedora Linux" --archiveCategory="Fedora Archive" --directoryRe='37';
sudo -u mirrormanager mm2_move-to-archive.secondary --originalCategory="Fedora Secondary Arches" --archiveCategory="Fedora Archive" --directoryRe='37';

After waiting for two more hours,

Now finally do the removal from /pub/fedora-secondary & /pub/fedora as per the sop mentions!

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