#12088 create EPEL 9.3 archive snapshot
Closed: Fixed 18 days ago by kevin. Opened 18 days ago by carlwgeorge.

  • Describe the issue

RHEL 9.4 was released today. Releng usually creates snapshots of the EPEL repository on RHEL minor version release day.

  • When do you need this? (2024-04-30)

Sorry for the tight timing, but there really is a tight window for this. Doing it before today would have missed valid EPEL 9 builds that work on RHEL 9.3. Doing it after today will result in EPEL 9 builds in the snapshot that were built against RHEL 9.4 libraries.

  • When is this no longer needed or useful? (2024-04-30)

See last answer.

  • If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?

While it is a discouraged practice, we know there are users who manually pin to minor versions of their OS and want to consume EPEL packages that will work. When they use the main EPEL repo, they discover problem caused by the mismatch. While we could just let them manually search old koji builds for a working artifact, using an archived repo (even if unmaintained) is a much better experience. This snapshot is also useful as a historical reference of the EPEL repository over time.

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18 days ago

Should be done. For the record:

login to compose-rawhide01 (this machine has archive volume rw)

rsync -avH /pub/epel/9/ /srv/fedora_ftp_archive/epel/9.3-2024-04-30/ --link-dest=/srv/fedora_ftp_archive/epel/9.2.2023-11-05/

rsync -avH /pub/epel/9/ /srv/fedora_ftp_archive/epel/testing/9.3-2024-04-30/ --link-dest=/srv/fedora_ftp_archive/epel/9.2.2023-11-05/

cd /srv/fedora_ftp_archive/epel/

ln -s 9.3-2024-04-30 9.3

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18 days ago

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