#12028 Package retirements are broken in rawhide
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As part of the Orphaned Packages Process, I retired the following packages in distgit on Monday night (early morning Tuesday UTC). As of today (Thursday), the packages still have not been deactivated in PDC or blocked in Koji. Please deactivate and block the packages manually and ensure that the automatic retirements start working again. Thank you!


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So, it looks like pdc isn't getting updated that the packages are retired.

So, the block-retired script isn't blocking them.

That should get done in a toddler.

@zlopez can you see whats going wrong?

(oh, I see you noted pdc wasnt updated... yeah....)

So, I haven't had time to dig into this sadly.

I'm going to manually block all those in f41 now and hopefully get time to figure out whats going on soon (or get someone else to figure it out).

These only need blocking in rawhide right? not f40?

Yeah, I blocked it manually. I'm digging through logs now to try and see why retirements aren't working. ;(

ok. I think it's because we disabled an old duplicate git fedora messaging hook in favor of the new pagure one, but the new one isn't in the right format with the right information for the toddler that processes retirements to handle. So, it's just... not.

I have reverted that and brought the old git hook back for now, so retirements moving forward should be ok.

I guess we need to sort out what still needs retiring between March 4th and Today. ;(

These only need blocking in rawhide right? not f40?


All the ones here should be blocked and pdc updated.

Is this still an issue?

Some of the packages that I retired a few days ago are blocked in koji while some others are not.

It's now "fixed" in that new retirements will be properly retired right now.

It's not fixed in that the ones between Mar 4th and Apr 1st are not know to all be handled (although we did handle all the ones people mentioned in tickets). So, we need to still find those and manually fix them to be retired. @jnsamyak was going to look at doing that.

It's also not fixed in that the pdc retirement toddler depends on the format of the git hook fedora-messaging messages that we want to get rid of. That will take some work there to get it to use the pagure git messages. I think @nphilipp was going to perhaps look at that?

Weird, I retired my only affected package on April 04 (which is after the timeframe you mentioned):

Oh, sorry, I got the dates wrong there... I fixed it above on the 6th... so yeah, your package would have been in the window.

I've got one more. The antic package is now retired properly in Rawhide, but also needs to be retired in F40, please.

celestia and celestia-data packages are also in a weird state:

$ koji list-pkgs --show-blocked --tag f41 --quiet --package celestia-data
celestia-data           f41                                      mattia         
$ koji list-pkgs --show-blocked --tag f40 --quiet --package celestia-data
celestia-data           f40                                      mattia         
$ koji list-pkgs --show-blocked --tag f40 --quiet --package celestia
celestia                f40                                      mattia          [BLOCKED]
$ koji list-pkgs --show-blocked --tag f41 --quiet --package celestia
celestia                f41                                      mattia

They should all be BLOCKED, but for some reason only celestia in f40 tag is... can someone fix them?

Okay so we discussed this over the last two weeks on a releng call, and I fixed the existing script to find out the packages that were incorrectly retired; here's the list that came from the script


Weird, I retired my only affected package on April 04 (which is after the timeframe you mentioned):

Can this one be fixed manually too, please?

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