#12018 Tag shim build(s) from f38 to newer releases
Closed: Fixed a month ago by kevin. Opened a month ago by kevin.

Shim is 'special' in that we need to ship the exact single build of it to all releases.

Bodhi can't handle this because the build is already associated with a f38 update.


So, we need to sign those 3 builds for each of: f41/f40/f39 and then tag them into updates for 39 and base tag for 40/41

We need to coordinate with QE about timing. We also need to figure out what ELN wants to do here.

CC: @adamw @pjones @sgallagh

I have done f41/rawhide.
(This is just: ' koji tag-pkg f41-pending shim-15.8-2 shim-unsigned-aarch64-15.8-2 shim-unsigned-x64-15.8-2' which will also work for f40-pending, but for f39 we will need to tag into f39-signing-pending and wait for it to be signed, then tag it into f39-updates).

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we also tagged it into the latest F40 Beta candidate (Beta-1.7) but not yet into f40 stable.

Could you expand on "We also need to figure out what ELN wants to do here."? I'm not clear on what is being asked.

shim is a weird package. Because we need to build it and then get that exact build signed. For fedora we do this by building in the oldest stable release and then getting that build signed, then manually tagging it into all the other releases. So they all use that exact same build.

Does eln want us to tag shim-15.8-2 into eln like we do for all the Fedora branches?
Or does eln want to do some seperate build and get it seperately signed?
Or does eln want to keep the current shim version ( shim-15.6-2 ) because the newer one doesn't affect them?

Please just build and tag shim into ELN and keep it aligned with whatever is in Rawhide. We don't need any special handling beyond that.

Well, we don't build it, we just use the existing already signed one. ;)

I'll tag that in then.

ok, tagged in everywhere.

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