#12009 Lenovo: F39 official iso for X1 Carbon G12 preload
Closed: Fixed with Explanation a month ago by kevin. Opened 2 months ago by mpearson.

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    Could be get one of the respin images done for a Fedora39 preload image for our X1 Carbon 12 please?
    It needs to have the fix for the SOF FW (Bug 2267808) which I believe is part of the release now

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    As soon as possible :)

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  • If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?
    This gates the Fedora preload for the X1 Carbon G12

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2 months ago

Hello @mpearson

Thanks for opening the ticket, so from what I see here you can find the live-respins iso: https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/live-respins/;
Looking at the last modified date, they were built in the first week of March, is that something you are looking for?

The SOF FW wash pushed stable on March 9th (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2267808#c6) so I suspect it'll need a respin unless the remix was done post March 10th

Yeah - they're going to be too old unfortunately.

When you do have the next round of re-spins planned?


Next Friday (it's every two weeks). If you need it now, we'll need to do an out-of-band respin.

OK - let me confirm with the team in China, but I think Friday is likely OK.

Mark do you need the fullset or just like workstation ?

should have it tomorrow

if someone wants to assign this to me that is fine

FYI I'm currently building the latest linux-firmware-20240312, not sure if there's anything useful in that for the X1G12

Nothing that I'm actively tracking....any intel graphics or iwlwifi fixes in there? I'm just heading out the door, but will have a look later and can check commit details and see.
I ran a sniff test on my system and it looked solid so pulled the trigger on starting the QA process :)

Yes, for x86 GPUs, but older iwlwifi:

iwlwifi: update 9000-family firmwares to core85-89
rtl_bt: Update RTL8852A BT USB firmware to 0xD9D6_17DA
update firmware for MT7922/MT7921 WiFi device
update firmware for mediatek bluetooth chip (MT7922)
update firmware for mediatek bluetooth chip (MT7921)
Add CS35L41 HDA Firmware for Lenovo Thinkbook 16P Laptops
amdgpu: Update VCN firmware binaries
Intel IPU2: Add firmware files
brcm: Add nvram for the Acer Iconia One 7 B1-750 tablet
i915: Add Xe2LPD DMC v2.18
i915: Update MTL DMC v2.21

Huh - interesting, especially the MTL DMC update (iwlwifi 9000 shouldn't impact us)

Honestly up to you guys. If there's a release without that update it's fine - I think the Fedora image, as it is, is ready for preload, and stuff like this comes as an online update anyway.

If you want to wait and do it on Friday and pick these up too then it will go thru the QA team cycle and a couple of extra days is no biggee.

Respins Team is testing the iso now after that we will upload and OpenQA will pick it up

The Respins Sig will be doing a full set on Friday so this single iso so you teams can test on thursday

Was this delivered already? If so, can it be closed?

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a month ago

@mpearson do you need me to move one of them into the live-respins-archive? If so, which ISO?

I don't think so - we've been using
for the X1 Carbon, and I've not had any blocker issues flagged by QA.

At this point if we needed to restart a test cycle I would push the QA team to use Fedora 40 (but they'll only do that if we hit any blocker issues at this point.


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@mpearson do you need me to move one of them into the live-respins-archive?= =C2=A0 If so, which ISO?

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