#1195 Release Fedora 11
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Make these changes on Tue 2009-05-26[[BR]][[BR]]At 60~ minutes to 1400 UTC set permissions on /pub/fedora/linux/releases/11 to 755 on releng2. This will allow the world to get to the content. This change will get picked up by snapmirror and make it out to the world.[[BR]][[BR]]At 20 minutes to 1400 UTC install the torrent .ini file to start the torrents going. Ensure that torrents are seeding correctly.[[BR]][[BR]]Coordinate with torrent seeders via #fedora-admin to ensure they are ready to go.[[BR]][[BR]]Coordinate with the web team to ensure that the webpages go live for the new release before the announce mail is sent.[[BR]][[BR]]At 1400 UTC send the announce mail after verifying everything is alive and ticking.

Bit flipped.

Torrent .ini files installed.

Web site updated.

Announce mail sent.b

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- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 11 Final

4 years ago

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