#11938 golang-github-prometheus-node-exporter was not properly retired
Closed: Fixed 12 days ago by jnsamyak. Opened 3 months ago by gotmax23.

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golang-github-prometheus-node-exporter was retired in distgit about a month ago (https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/golang-github-prometheus-node-exporter/c/ea1c7cc0fa4876b7ba1b400bef25c47c90600d1d?branch=rawhide), but it remains in the repositories.

$ fedrq pkgs -s golang-github-prometheus-node-exporter

Please make sure that it's retired and properly blocked in PDC and Koji.

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3 months ago

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12 days ago

So, I checked dist-git, and the package is retired for f40 and rawhide; I blocked them from Koji and adjusted eols in PDC, hopefully this will resolve the issue;

golang-github-prometheus-node-exporter f40                                      fuller          [BLOCKED]
golang-github-prometheus-node-exporter f39-Beta                                 fuller         
golang-github-prometheus-node-exporter f41                                      fuller          [BLOCKED]
golang-github-prometheus-node-exporter f40-Beta                                 fuller         

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12 days ago

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