#11894 Orphaning pgRouting
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I am trying to orphan pgRouting but I am always getting:

Unable to orphan the package: An error occurred at the database level and prevent the action from reaching completion

The reason why I am orphaning (and ultimately retiring) a package that has only been recently unretired, is because I wanted to unretire and rename the package at the same time. I wrote that in the Issue but I think @humaton did not see my question in the Issue body. I have already created and built the new package called pgrouting. The old dist-git Repo is therefore no longer needed. This was a misunderstanding from my side and I apologize for the inconvenience it cause.

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A package that has no purpose is kept in dist-git.

What command are you doing to get that error? 'fedpkg retire' ?

We definitely do still need the old repo for historical and legal reasons. ;) That said, we should be able to orphan/retire it.

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That looks like an UI issue maaybe, @blinxen can you try fedpkg retire command?

Sadly still does not work:

$ fedpkg retire "Renamed to pgrouting"
dead.package found, package or module is already retired. Will not remove files from git or overwrite existing dead.package file.
Monitoring of the project was sucessfully disabled.

When "An error occurred at the database level" happens, this usually does the trick:

  1. go to Give Project settings at https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/pgRouting/settings#giveproject-tab
  2. give the project to the orphan user
  3. go back to https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/pgRouting and see why the package was orphaned -- it lists the latest known reason for previous orphaning. if the reason is good enough, stop here.
  4. click Take to unorphan the package (this might not be possible with a retired package, never tried).
  5. orphan the package again giving a proper reason

So, this looks done now? Or do you see anything missing? The package is blocked, it says it's unmaintained, etc...

So, this looks done now?

Yes, thanks!

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