#11673 Fixes for release-candidate.sh in pungi-fedora
Opened 7 months ago by kevin. Modified 6 months ago

In https://pagure.io/pungi-fedora/c/342036f04e137675b38a2efa36303470dfb72d87?branch=f39 I reverted some changes to release-candidate.sh script in fedora-pungi.

I just wanted to get the beta RC out and didn't have time to debug, but we should fix things up and try again for the next RC.

Here's some things I hit (unforutnately I didn't save off the output):

  1. versioning doesn't work right:

This doesn't work because LABEL we pass is something like 'Beta-1.1' and


But that means it tries to use /mnt/koji/compose/Beta-1.1 which is not what we want. It needs to use /mnt/koji/compose/39/

  1. Somehow the quoting on the CMD ended up wrong and it just said 'command not found' for the call. Possibly due to "ing it?

  2. For the fedora-messaging stuff we do:

. ./releng/scripts/fedora-messaging.sh

But we don't actually checkout that repo, so it's not there unless we know to clone it. :)
Perhaps we could just copy the one function we use from it here to avoid having to checkout another thing?

  1. We should check the output of CMD and exit out if it's not returning 0 (like if it's command not found).

  2. Might be nice to have a dry-run mode or something that would help with testing. In this mode, replace RSYNCPREFIX with a echo rsync and pungi-fedora call with a echo pungi-fedora and send_fedora_message with a echo of what it would pass. Then, this could be set and the script run to make sure everything looked ok before actual runs.

  3. We actually don't really need to checkout comps here. pungi-koji does that as part of it's run, so unless I am missing something that could just be removed.

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The updated script can be found here: https://pagure.io/pungi-fedora/pull-request/1214#
I would very much appreciate feedback.

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