#1161 Release Fedora 11 Beta
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Make these changes on Tue 2009-03-24
At 60~ minutes to 1500 UTC set permissions on /pub/fedora/linux/releases/test/11-Beta to 755 on releng2. This will allow the world to get to the content. This change will get picked up by snapmirror and make it out to the world.
At 20 minutes to 1500 UTC install the torrent and "spins" .ini files to start the torrents going. Ensure that torrents are seeding correctly.
Coordinate with torrent seeders via #fedora-admin to ensure they are ready to go.
Coordinate with the web team to ensure that the webpages go live for the new release before the announce mail is sent.
At 1500 UTC send the announce mail after verifying everything is alive and ticking.

I have bee trying the to find Release Fedora 11 Beta does anyone knows were it might be I love the new Ext4 , Btrfs files system PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can't ADD ZFS PLEASE I REALLY BELIEVE THAT WILL MAKE A GREAT DIFFERENCE TO ALL US IN WORLD

Thank you for taking the time to read this
God bless you all for the enormous effort and hard working people just like YOU , as YOU change our life forever for better.

Thank you to all of you.

Bits flipped on the master mirror to 755.

Metadata Update from @jkeating:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 11 Beta

7 years ago

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