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Could you please add EPEL 9 Next to Koschei? I have a package in EPEL 9 Next that needs a rebuild every time "the base" package is updated in c9s and I'd like to use Koschei to notify me about this.

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  • When is this no longer needed or useful? (2027/05/31)

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Packagers who do need to build packages in EPEL 9 Next cannot benefit from Koschei.


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Hi @churchyard!

As per the ticket, tried adding a collection EPEL 9 Next at Koschei, which is now showing up here: https://koschei.fedoraproject.org/packages?collection=epel9-next. This is my first time working with Koschei, so it would be awesome if you can test it and let me know if it works accordingly.

The following things were set while creating the collection EPEL 9 Next:

name: epel9-next
target: epel9-next
destination-target: epel9-next-build
bugzilla version: epel9
bugzilla product: Fedora EPEL

Seems to work. I'll report back if I find any issues.

Thank you!

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