#11429 Move f34 release to archive properly
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    Hi folks,
    Today, I got a reply from one of the people on the mirror-admin list, that we archived f35 but we never archived f34;
    While sshing into the bodhi-backend01, I can confirm that we didn't remove things from /pub/fedora/linux/releases/34 as part of the archive process. I confirmed with the team that here was no intention for this, so will move f34 to the archive as per the sop.

(kudos to Tim for pointing this out)

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    asap :D

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17 days ago

While digging into it, I saw that we did archive it but /pub/fedora/linux/releases/34 but it was not cleaned up and hence was taking the space. This is now taken care of.

But, I saw one more thing and that I have asked in #releng as well, that is we have to do it for fedora-secondary as well in a similar manner. because I can confirm that things are in the archive but I don't see it cleaned in 35 and 34 both for fedora-secondary dirs.

Ps. We need to update our eol sop as well if that's the case because cleanup doesn't include anything about fedora-secondary

Got a confirmation from smooge, that we indeed do the same process for clean up for fedora-secondary I checked it was rsynced with archive already but wasn't cleaned for both 34 and 35 which is now done!

If there is any other issue please feel free to re-open the ticket, until then closing this as fixed!

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16 days ago

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