#11398 Publish Fedora images in Azure 💙 ⛅
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Describe the issue

The Fedora Cloud SIG has received permission to list Fedora images for use on Azure. We would like to build these images via Pungi and publish them in Azure's Image Gallery.

Pungi PRs 1161 and 1165 contain the initial work.

We have a Fedora Images On Azure change proposal coming together now and we would love your input and feedback there.

When do you need this?

Before F39 proposal deadline in June 2023

When is this no longer needed or useful?


If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?

Fedora would not be available in Azure's image gallery and we would need to push our proposed change to the next release.

@davdunc Double check that I have this correct here. ⬆️

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a year ago

Thank you for working on this. It seems you know what to do and have PRs in place. If release engineering can be of any assistance let's use this ticket for communication, we will close it once the new artifacts are built.

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a year ago

I have a question: who/how will artifacts be uploaded to azure?

fedimg is what we are using to upload to aws, but I am pretty sure it can't handle azure.

Is some kind of automated tool planned? Or just cloud sig will take produced images and update them manually as desired?

I'm transitioning the fedimg away from libcloud to the tools that @mhayden has already packaged for azure and the ones that @kevin, you packaged originally for aws. We'll add the functionality in a PR in the next few days.

Did that ever get done? I don't see any record of it in the fedimg task in ansible. And the only upstream for fedimg I can find hasn't been touched in five years.

@adamwill So we got stuck because we don't have the tools to prepare the VHD per Azure's spec. Image Builder can do it, but Image Builder isn't fully onboarded into Fedora quite yet for that work.

I don't have an ETA but I'm hoping @davdunc and I can put our heads together on this and solve it in the next release.

Wait, we don't? Azure just requires a fixed plain VHD. I'm pretty sure our tools can create that.

CPE has this ticket open in our initiatives repo https://pagure.io/cpe/initiatives-proposal/issue/28 where we are scoping how to replace FedImg. We/I (speaking for the team :) ) are very interested in assisting the Cloud SIG on this if you need some support. Are you now targeting F40 for this?

@ngompa So the issues I had are detailed in the BZ. If you have any insight on how to make that work, I'm all ears! 🌽

@amoloney I'm also interested in that, along with @davdunc! I don't see how we can get this done in the F39 timeframe, so F40 might be our only option here.

I added a comment to the BZ.

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9 months ago

So, I think we can close this now. The cloud-image-uploader is uploading to Azure...

If there's anything still to do let us know.

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