#11385 Silverblue aarch64 installer image compose always fails on F38 and Rawhide
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    Since 2023-04-01, Silverblue aarch64 installer image build always fails in F38 and Rawhide. The failure always looks like this:
    DEBUG util.py:445: error: Failed to install org.fedoraproject.Platform: While fetching https://registry.fedoraproject.org/v2/f38/flatpak-runtime/blobs/sha256:40392c361ec07763b4ba8c28c82ba227f76dd6ea629b879b64d4685526d6e064: [28] Timeout was reached
    For the last few days it's always that 40392c361ec07763b4ba8c28c82ba227f76dd6ea629b879b64d4685526d6e064 blob. When it first started failing it was failing on a blob with a different checksum, but otherwise in the same way. The last successful builds were in Fedora-38-20230331.n.0 and Fedora-Rawhide-20230331.n.0 ; every attempt since then has failed.

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    Fixing it is always going to be useful.

  • If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?
    We will not have up-to-date Silverblue installer images for aarch64. Fedora 38 will ship without one.

So I checked our repositories and not sure what could we(releng) do wrong here. It seems that also the flatpak-runtime for f38 was pushed on 2023-04-01.

can you help us with this? @siosm

@tpopela Should we temporarily remove the Flatpaks from the aarch64 images?

I've notified the Flatpak SIG in the IRC/Matrix channel

@siosm I would prefer to fix it - @kalev can you please look at it?

Owen and Kevin and I discussed this at today's flatpak SIG meeting and we found that a reverse proxy rewritecond line doesn't include aarch64 builder IPs: https://pagure.io/fedora-infra/ansible/blob/main/f/roles/httpd/reverseproxy/templates/reversepassproxy.registry-generic.conf#_21

Kevin is going to try adding the aarch64 builder IPs there and see if it helps.

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@kevin I suspect that this was fixed in the meantime. But there are community members that are asking for Fedora Silverblue 38 GA aarch64 ISO which was not built (presumably because of this). Can we do something about it?

Yeah, I think it was, but we still do see sporadic failures. ;(

anyhow, for aarch64 f38, we could:

  1. just say too bad and tell people to use f37 and rebase. ;(

  2. releng could make a one off iso, qa could test, we could release it in a seperate space.

I guess theres desire for the second one... we can discuss at tomorrows releng meeting.

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I am trying to recreate the Silverbulue 38 images, it wasn't on the top of my priority list but we should have some updates by the end of this week.

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