#11327 F38 builds stuck in inconsistent state: "fc38" dist tag but only tagged with "f39" in koji
Closed: Fixed a year ago by decathorpe. Opened a year ago by decathorpe.

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There's a handful of koji builds that happened right during the F38 mass branching, which caused them to have "fc38" dist tags but the koji builds only got tagged with "f39". This results in the builds not being available for f38 at all:

I'm not sure what would be the best way to fix these packages. The easiest would probably be to bump release and launch new builds for rawhide and f38? If that is indeed the easiest solution, then I can do that.

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Before the F38 final freeze.

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Updates for four packages entirely missing from Fedora 38.

I found another affected package:

It also appears that the older build for v2.22.1 is tagged weirdly:

(i.e. both builds are tagged into "f39")

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a year ago

Yes, the most simple solution I think would just be to bump them and rebuild.

We could just tag them into f38, but I think that might be confusing...

can you do the builds?

Yes. I was just asking for official blessing :)

/me away to launch builds

It appears that the latest gh doesn't currently build on f38, but the other packages should be fixed.

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a year ago

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