#11258 Collaborators cannot merge PRs on src.fedoraproject.org
Opened 2 months ago by dcavalca. Modified 14 days ago

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    https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/subunit/pull-request/3 is a PR on the epel8 branch, which epel-packaging-sig has collaborator access on. I'm in the group, so I should be able to merge it, but I don't have the button in the UI.

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    not urgent

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    SIG members with collaborator permissions will need to bug the owner or leverage provenpackagers to merge changes.

Is this a releng issue or a Pagure issue that should be reported at pagure.io/pagure? It seems like the latter to me.

It's a dist-git configuration issue. Pagure normally supports it fine.

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2 months ago

I don't see any configuration around this off hand in pagure-dist-git...

@zlopez Any thoughts here were it might need to be fixed?

This might be an issue with the implementation of collaborator ACL's in pagure.

Suspicion confirmed, we just need to update the if to consider committers and collaborators.

Shall we close this in favor of an upstream ticket/PR then?

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14 days ago

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