#1114 Merge dist-f11-python with Rawhide on Thursday
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by ivazquez.

On Thursday, December 4, 2008, I would like the dist-f11-python tag to be merged with Rawhide so that Python 2.6 will become part of Rawhide along with any dependent packages.

This will be doable, what I'd do would be to take all the latest builds from dist-f11-python and tag them into dist-f11. However I ask that there are no newer builds of these packages in dist-f11. Use the clean-overrides.py script I showed you to ensure this.

clean-overrides.py is proving to be unreliable; it's showing libxml2-2.7.2-3.fc11 as being older than in dist-f11, when libxml2-2.7.2-7.fc11 is available in dist-f11-python. While it is technically accurate, the results are meaningless.

Whoops. clean-overrides.py will check every package, not just the latest, as it's typically used with an override tag where any tagged wins, not just latest.

One tiny change and it'll work better for you.

f7overrides = kojisession.listTagged(overtag)

f7overrides = kojisession.listTagged(overtag, latest=True)

Metadata Update from @ivazquez:
- Issue assigned to jkeating

4 years ago

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