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I'm not sure if we have any way to add modular updates to the compose... for rpms, we simply add them to f37-compose which inherits in, but we can't use that for modular updates, which have their own tags. Perhaps @humaton knows of a way.

Then just ignore them, it's probably fine. I kept them in the list in case there was anything we can usefully do with them, but if not, never mind. I don't think modular content goes "in" composes anyway, right?

For some reason RC1 contains an old kernel and anaconda:


While we should have:


both containing important fixes. No other packages seem to be old.

Gah. Those will be old overrides from Beta. I thought to mention to check for old overrides, but figured since this was the first RC it'd be fine. I didn't realize ones from Beta might still be there. It should probably be SOP to clean out the overrides after Beta is declared go.

Well it is https://docs.pagure.org/releng/sop_composing_fedora.html#review-compose-tags

but the doc itself is messy at best. A new version will be hosted on docs.fp.o for the next release cycle.

New compose (Fedora-KDE-Live-x86_64-37-1.2.iso) have correct kernel and anaconda.

Will these be rsynced to https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/stage/ as usual? I'd like to do the checksum tests but can't unless they're synced to stage (I have an account on secondary01 but a slow connection so can't download them all).

OK, requesting RC3. Please include the following. Note I'm leaving the modular updates on the list but if there's nothing practical you can do there, just ignore them. I'm leaving Firefox out of the request as there's some uncertainty whether making the portal change is entirely safe; we can do it post-release.

== Blockers ==

== Freeze exceptions ==

Re-opening for RC4. It seems the beta side tag was still not completely emptied after the snafu with kernel and anaconda: RC3 got uboot-tools-2022.10-0.5.rc4.fc37 (which was in the side tag for Beta) instead of the current stable uboot-tools-2022.10-1.fc37 . The diff between the two is quite large and includes some fixes that look quite critical, so I think it makes sense to respin.

So, please do an RC4 with the same content as RC3, but drop the old uboot-tools build from the side tag so we get the current stable one.

The other remaining builds that were side tagged for Beta - python-ast-monitor-0.2.1-1.fc37 and thonny-4.0.0-1.fc37 - still seem to be the current versions.

We should need no side-tag content at all; everything for the compose is stable now this push request has been done.

The RC4 dirs in stage are different from the usual ones in that there are empty CloudImages/ and Docker/ dirs, and no Container/, Kinoite/, Modular/, or Silverblue/ dirs.

Sigh. I must have had an old rsync in my history... syncing again.

ok, hopefully it's correct now.

Requesting a new candidate. This is not a release candidate, as not all blockers are yet addressed. It's the one we discussed doing at go/no-go, to include all the shiny new stuff so we can hopefully catch any problems in it early, before we're ready to do an RC and before we push anything stable. Please include:

mesa is technically not accepted yet, but it's at +6/-3 and since we definitely won't be shipping this compose, I figured we may as well pull mesa in to get a better idea if it breaks anything.

Can we also get this added too?

This was queued up a while ago to be paired with the kernel 6.0 update.

It's completed and copying. Should be done in a few.

Can we also get this added too?
* btrfs-progs-6.0-1.fc37 for #2094075

To avoid any confusion for future RC requests, this is not included in RC 1.5, I just checked. So it needs to be requested again, if we want it in RC 1.6.

@adamwill : You might want to explain in the announcement that "RC-1.5" isn't actually an RC (though you were probably planning to do that anyway).

I did, in a reply. The announcements are automatically generated so I couldn't really change that (well, I could've fiddled with the generator before the compose completed, but I didn't :>)

OK, time for a new real RC, still with all the shiny stuff (though it's still not pushed stable yet so we can yank it if we have to). Please do the stable push request and then include all of this stuff. This is a full list, not incremental.

== Blockers ==

== Freeze exceptions ==

All done and synced out.

And we need another. Please include:

== Blockers ==

== Freeze exceptions ==

Done and synced to /pub/alt/stage/37_RC-1.7

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