#11077 F38: System-wide change: RpmSequoia
Closed: It's all good 8 months ago by phsmoura. Opened 8 months ago by pmatilai.

Please review the following system-wide change: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/RpmSequoia

The short summary is that, rpm is replacing its own OpenPGP parser with Sequoia.

I don't think this is a rel-eng matter as such, any impact is mostly for legacy packages. It does affect images in the sense that rpm will pull in a new dependency (rpm-sequoia) into images etc. Initially nettle will also be pulled in as a new dependency, but that is expected to go away once openssl support lands in Sequoia (work is underway).

Thanks! We discussed this in our daily stand up and we believe there isn't any impact

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8 months ago

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