#1104 Bootstrapping MinGW packages in EL-5 branch
Closed: Invalid None Opened 13 years ago by rjones.

We have applied for the following MinGW packages to be added to CVS:

These three packages have a circular dependency, so we would like rel-eng's help in creating the initial Koji repository. The circular dependency and how we normally break it is described here:


If the two noarch binary packages mingw32-runtime and mingw32-w32api from our temporary repository (http://www.annexia.org/tmp/mingw/fedora-10/i386/RPMS/) can be added then we can build mingw32-gcc from source followed by mingw32-runtime and mingw32-w32api from source, and then the circular dependency is broken.

Unfortunately at this time the Fedora releng group does not handle EPEL requests. Please try #epel on Freenode IRC

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